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Fan Art

Here's some AWESOME fan art by some equally awesome people! Give them some love :D


My Art

Some pictures I've done relateing to the comic and of the various cast members. You can find more of my artwork on my Tumblr and or My Deviant Art accounts.

This happened because of a joke in the comments section on this comic.

As a result of comment section antics, and some technical problems I ended making Mendiloquence's 8x10 autograph glossies as filler. Here's a larger view of them. First up is “Victory Atop the Vanquished”

Next we have “Gazing Thoughtfully into the Distance”

And last but not least “Why, Hello Mrs. Grathan, Fancy Seeing You Here”

Because I did a sexy picture of Mendiloquence the fans demanded I do a sexy picture of Salih.

Speaking of larger versions of things here's a larger version of the Democracy of Fear from this comic.

This is a picture of Salih wearing a flower crown. Because reasons.

Salih in her current in game outfit.

Not Art But Still Interesting

Some screen shot comics/collections/jokes/whatever you guys might find funny.

I made a joke on this comic about the different out of combat heals for each class in SWTOR.

An explanation concerning the mechanics of the Agent's mysterious vibro blades.

Stay classy genchat.

From the comment section of this comic. In case you ever wanted a Mendiloquence's friendship cookie recipe. (These are actually really tasty cookies just an FYI).

Aggressively Stupid Comics

I feel like I should apologize for these but I'm not going to.

This is why I don't reply to comments some times.

Female Sith warriors don't get to bang or have tea with Lady Gratham after you kill her husband for her and I think that's BS.